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Technologies Used in a Football Match

football technologiesAre you a sports fan? Do you ever wonder where you favourite sports footballers from a number of different teams are today? Well we did so we took a look and found out what they have been up to after football some may even surprise you.

Paul Ince:

This Midfielder retired from playing in 2006. He went on to coach and manage which led him into a career managing Blackburn Rovers unfortunately he did not succeed in this position and was sacked after half a year. He then went on to manage Blackpool with his son Tom Ince for just over a year and was let go in 2014 after losing 9 out of 10 matches.

Andy Cole:

Andy is the second highest goal scored in the Premier League history with 188 goals scored, he retired from playing in 2008. He went on to coach and contribute in a number of football media shows on TV and Radio. His son Devante Cole is now following in his dads footsteps as a profession footballer playing for England and he is currently with Milton Keynes Dons FC.

Paul Scholes:

Scholes first retired from football after winning the 2010 – 2011 season with Manchester United. After retiring he came to realise he retired too soon and signed up for the remainder on the season which was announced in January 2012, he was doing so well he stayed on for another year. He retired again at the end of 2012 – 2013. In 2014 he was back in football assisting caretaker manager Ryan Giggs. He is currently employed as a pundit and analyst across football broadcasting networks and he is a writer for The Independent newspaper.

So we now know where these ex players are but how much do you know about current players and teams? Are you a football expert, do you like to place a bet on your team when they are playing? If so you can head over to Unibet who offer all kinds of betting opportunities and competitive odds on Football and other sports.

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