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NCR Silver: IPad Point of Sale Systems

NCR is short for National Cash Register Company. Few people realize this, and many people no longer care.  The company once made desktop computers but it has since gone back to its core business.  The technical person may point out that the company still makes computers, but that it now specializes in retail systems. Like many other companies, NCR offers applications for Apple’s popular tablet computers. One of the more important applications, at least from the perspective of the small business owner, is the iPad POS system.  This simple iPad application will do all of the same things the more complex cash register systems can do.


Although the software currently exists only for the iPad tablet computer, there are many people waiting for the same application to become available for Android devices. Even though android devices are more popular among most users, fans of the Google mobile operating system must wait.  Developers are concerned about the copyright protections on the service. Currently, Apple offers more protections for commercial developers, although open source programmers have embraced Android for different reasons.


As with many other commercial applications, the user must purchase the iPad POS system made by NCR. However, the person who makes this decision should not worry about disappointment when he downloads the application unto his application. All he has to do is complete a few simple steps in order to get it running.


The NCR Silver iPad POS application includes more than just the software. Someone who chooses the NCR Silver system can also get the benefits of the square app. Just like the Square app, NCR Silver allows people to take and receive credit cards in their shop or home based business. Flea market vendors have also started to take credit cards using this application. As with the Square device, the user pays a fee for each transaction. The important thing is that the seller can take as many payment options as possible. Some people have even stopped carrying cash with them most of the time.


NCR Silver provides the small business owner with the options he needs to run his shop efficiently. As with other similar software programs, it can help with inventory management. If someone has decided to set up a database of his inventory, he can even generate orders on his own. It may take a bit of computer and programming knowledge to accomplish this feat, but it is possible.


Someone who wants to pick up his own NCR silver system needs to provide information. This information allows the user to get the credit card attachment. If he does not want the credit card attachment, he can simply pay for the application. As with many similar applications, it is scalable. The business owner can apply for more services as his business goes. He can also add or remove services from the iPad point of sale systems as he needs them.  A small business looking for his/her own point of sale system should check out what it has to offer.


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