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Android Watch Phone

downloadFor many of us, the best wearable device should be one that suits in perfectly and has a variety of useful functions. True, the Google glass is one of the best wearable gadgets ever created. The Google glass is useful and you can use it like a spectacle and do quite a variety of awesome things with it. However is the Android phone watch far behind? Is this Android system the best wearable device? To response this query well, one would have to ask what all features should an ideal wearable device have?

The basics

Any device in the contemporary age, first of all, has to acquire some interesting functions. Simply put, any device should not only have what people anticipate from it but also some other special functions too. Now, what would you anticipate from an Android phone watch? Maybe you anticipate it to have the ability to run some Google Play store apps, since it is Android operating system. Maybe you anticipate it to execute the operation of a ‘phone’, since it is known as an watch phone. The Android operating system watch phone fulfills its primary objectives perfectly. Most of these gadgets have Android operating system edition 2.2. They have a talk-time of around five hours or more, which makes it a realistic device. It also has a stand by duration of five days. It looks very satisfactory – most of these watch phones have two volume buttons on the back and a power and menu key on the other side, making the top surface sleek and smooth.

The extras

You might want the product to have a few add-ons that are not its primary functions. The Android watch phone has all the functions you could possible think of – camera, mp3 sound recording unit, mp4 video player, Wireless abilities, built-in speaker and extended storage, inner GPS aerial that facilitates satellite navigation, a Wi-Fi browser, and a lot more Thus the Android watch phone features every function you could wish from a small convenient wearable device.


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