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How to make money through social networking platforms?

YoutubeWebsites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been ruling the social networking platform arena for a long time. After all, these are behemoths at their own capacity, and have been able to provide excellent features that enable people to remain hooked to their website. On an average, 60% of the Internet traffic is diverted towards the social networking platforms, which is saying a lot about how people find user generated content to be the ultimate source of entertainment and information.

For example, people tend to visit YouTube in order to get information about new products and also have a certain amount of entertainment thrown their way. As an Internet marketer, you could create a video about a product, buy cheap youtube views and witness the noticeable increase in rankings of your video. After it starts ranking for a certain keyword, most notably the product, real people would visit the video. This will transform into sales, and you would start making a steady stream of income from the YouTube platform. This is the best thing could happen to an Internet marketer making use of the YouTube platform to make money.

The same holds true for Instagram. While this website is primarily based upon sharing posts that have pictures, but you still need a certain amount of likes in order to get the attention of people in your demographic. So, you can purchase cheap Instagram likes from reputed services, and get the best possible exposure to your post. Sooner or later, there are going to be real people sharing your post, and providing it with the kind of exposure that is necessary for the product to garner sales. After a while, the post will be getting organic traffic, and you would find the flow of revenue coming in without any extra work done to it.


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