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iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C & 5

iPhone 5SFor an iPhone fan, things used to be so simple. Apple’s track record for releasing one new phone each year remained unbroken from the first iPhone in 2007 to the iPhone 5 in 2012, which made the upgrade choice easy.

But in 2013 things have become more complicated, because in September not one but two new iPhones were unleashed on the world. You can compare the raw technical specs of the iPhone 5S and 5C via Apple’s official site, but what is the best way to determine the most appropriate one for you without the technical jargon?


The most obvious difference between the two new iPhones is the design, with the iPhone 5C being the first of Apple’s mobile handsets to take a truly colorful and youth-oriented approach to styling, while the iPhone 5S remains a more business-like handset with its glass and alloy construction.

With the iPhone 5C you can choose from six different colors, ranging from basic black and white to fruity green and sky blue. There are also matching silicone cases available which you can use to protect your handset and also add to its unique look.

The iPhone 5S comes in three colors: smoky grey, shiny silver and lustrous gold. These are a little more refined and do not have the plastic feel of the iPhone 5C. The same can be said of the iPhone 5, which still looks great after a year on the market.

Processor Face-Off

On the inside the iPhone 5C is effectively equipped with the same hardware as was found on board last year’s iPhone 5. You get the A6 processor and either 16GB or 32GB of storage space for your money.

The components are more than capable of running the iOS 7 platform smoothly and also handling various apps and services with ease, but the iPhone 5S asserts its range-topping dominance in the processor department thanks to the presence of the A7 chip.

The processor in the 5S has a 64-bit architecture and can run compatible apps, making it significantly more powerful than its stable mates and predecessors. It also has a brand new graphics chip for gaming and even an M7 motion chip that handles all of the information from its various sensors, making it a great phone for use with exercise apps.

Connectivity and Networking

You can get SIM-only deals from providers like, three, Vodafone and O2 which are compatible with all iPhones, so whether you pick the iPhone 5S or 5C you will not be limited in choice.

Both new models are compatible with 4G networking, which is a good future-proof feature that will become even more relevant when all sim only tariffs are able to offer support for this superfast coverage. 4G is available on the iPhone 5, but not on all networks.

In the meantime, it is worth noting that neither new iPhone has NFC connectivity on board, putting them at a disadvantage when compared with Android equivalents. However, you do get the obligatory Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, so sharing data locally is not difficult.

Ultimately, your tastes and budget will dictate which new iPhone is right for you, because each one is a well-made, appealing device that will not disappoint.

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