Global communication trends that you’d be crazy for in 2014

communication trendsWhat is the future of communication in the present century? As we see it, the major trends in communication are equally balanced between the emotional: loss of trust, periods of crisis, the desire and urge for personalised communication, the drive towards the rational and transparency. With the advancement of technology and web, global communication trends have reached the horizon. There are more than one communication devices to depend on. What are they? What are the main devices on which the present generation is relying? Check out the major global communication trends in 2014.

  1. Shift to mobile and beyond that: The biggest trend that has the greatest immediate impact on global communication trends is the constant shift from computer to mobile. Did you know that global mobile traffic recently represents about 17.4% of all web traffic and is constantly soaring out of reach? Well, studies show that internet usage on mobile is soon going to surpass traditional desktop internet use in 2014. Mobile has indeed become too deeply embedded in our lives, thereby offering us convenience through simplicity, immediacy and context. Technology like free phone calls can reach each of us and this is therefore a major global communication trend.
  2. Youniverse” or personalisation: Did you ever come across the idea of ‘Youniverse’, which is a perfect example of tapping secretly into your emotional desire in order to be seen as unique personalities? Public relations professionals should assist companies in learning how to shift from more traditional tactics in favour of smart approaches that extend their capabilities of personalisation beyond the PC. The ability to deliver relevant communication through multiple channels will change the marketing efforts from unwanted interference to valued service.
  3. Brand journalism: It is social media again that broke the traditional media model in a single fundamental way. Media organizations no longer play the role of gatekeepers of information and audiences. In fact, the definition of ‘news’ is gradually changing and this evolution will create the opportunity for content marketing and PR to create timely content and also earn credibility. The key to finding great stories in a way which will engage your audience and also push them to share and repurpose them. Brand journalism is the key to success.
  4. Impact of social media: Public relations professionals need to maintain pace with the fast-evolving environment and the biggest challenge is to deal everyday with 2 huge data explosions, the looming universe of “digital” influencers and the huge volume of social media conversations that concern your industry, competition and brand. A crucial difference with traditional media is the need for engagement. You just need to balance the rational and the emotional.

In this world that is hyper-connected, the trend is always towards hyper-transparent communication. Stakeholders and consumers have more and more channels at their disposal for discrediting companies for lack of honesty. Hence, no matter how active you are online, transparency is the only answer and anyone who fails in this field are punished with efficiency and speed. Include images in to your posts and make sure you constantly keep updating your social media profiles and communicating with your contacts.


Key components to keep in mind while going for best video converter for Mac

Mac video converterAll Mac users have some special issues which they have to put into consideration while choosing the perfect video conversion application for Mac. The best video converter for Mac includes video editing features that might range from the basic to much more advance. The basic editing features one should look for conversion includes the ability to trim or clip the length and also to determine the output parameters such as bitrate. If someone faces the difficulties while using video files converter for Mac, solid support system should be there to help out. An online message or tutorials boards and usermanual make very great resources, but reliable way of contacting developer is also much vital.

Ways to convert video for Mac with video converter edition
Iflooking for Mac video converter for converting various forms of the videos on Mac, such as AVI to mp4, MKV to AVI, for getting the video format which one needs for media player or the device, one have numerous choices of the software for converting video on Mac. Another beauty of best Mac video converter is that it supports converting all videos into iPad, iPod,iPhone, and also mobile devices. Thus one could enjoy almost any of the video on their Mac, iTunes, QuickTime, portable devices and for enjoying music from video anytime at anywhere. The best video converter for Mac offers simple UI for all users for converting video on Mac, yet it’s claimed on site that such software doesn’t support WMV format both as output and input formats. And the output and input video formats which it supports are very limited. If one needs to convert the videos into as much formats as possible, Mac Video Converter could be very nice choice for solving such problem and cater the requirements better. Along with the smart fit and the up to the size option, video will remain original even if its resolution and the aspect ratio changes.


Most Awaited Smartphones Of The Year

images (13)Every year we get some new inclusions in the list of cell phones. Top manufacturers to beginners, all try to provide something new to capture the industry and make their own position. This is something predicted with the increasing reputation of these extremely useful devices. 2014 is no exemption with gossips, rumors, leaks, and other up-dates on future cell phones in 2014. Here you will find such three most anticipated cell phones that have designed enough buzz on the globe of cellphone customers.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple is on its way to give lots of competition to other leaders like LG and Samsung. iPhone 6 can be taken as an advancement of Apple to give its customers more improved and simple to use products. With latest and leaks, it can be said that by design iPhone 6 will be near to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. However, it is also believed by some professionals that this future iPhone 6 will be an iPod like iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 930 
To maintain its supremacy, Nokia is stated to provide its next Lumia phone by means of Nokia Lumia 930. This device is believed to demonstrate an international style of its Lumia icon. This future Lumia is already announced to the globe at build 2014, and so you may be conscious of some of its functions and requirements.

HTC One mini 2
HTC, another top name in the market, is predicted to release its new phone soon. Though no statement of its overall look has been done yet by the organization, but gossips talk that HTC is going to substitute its HTC One mini by HTC One mini 2. The device is stated to come with some niceties including rear Duo cam and 4.5″ display that will provide 720p resolution.


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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Movie Editing Software

Movie Editing SoftwareIf you are a budding home video maker, a movie-creator is the software you have been looking for. You might want to capture and save all the sweet little memories that you share with your loved ones and turn it into one of the most mesmerizing videos for your vacations or old times. There might be several reasons and inspirations behind your passion and interest behind video making yet movie editors are the sole softwares and the perfect match for you.

The foremost thing while trying to choose the best software for you to create your personalized videos and movies you should never settle for anything less than a reputed brand. You can even consider and go through the market surveys and comparative study about the brand value and the deal they are offering. At the end of the day you should keep in mind that the software you get should be bagged with positive reviews and comments.

There are some key features which each one of us are looking for and the most basic being that the movie creator is user-friendly. The software should have the ability to handle all file formats and video types that you can think of. It should also have the ability to offer conversions from any format to the most feasible ones. The software should also be able to provide you with tools to join clips and cutout segments. There should not be any problem in changing the duration of the clip or in adding segments of one clip to another. There should also be an option for you to adjust audio tracks in the video files and even add on as many tracks as you want in a single clip.

Some of the most upgraded softwares also allow smart conversion of clips from your desktop to your smartphones.

Another important feature the movie-creator should have is its speed and performance. The best of the softwares in market offer you to make videos without hampering the regular operations you have to do on your computer while processing the video.

Taking account of the present scenario of price hikes your video-creator should entitle you to an initial free trial session. These softwares are not very pocket friendly and hence you should have a good practice session with the application before having spent your valuable money and having to regret it later.


Network Attached Storage Devices at a glance

Storage DevicesDid you know that info materials and other word records don’t really occupy storage space?

With Network Attached Storage (NAS), info materials and other word records can be directly stored in a connected network. This is a fundamental improvement in file allocation technology. In this set-up, files are easily shared or accessed. Furthermore, in NAS, sharing files is quicker and easier with little knowledge and management. Certainly, NAS is the solution for upcoming businesses that are interested in future expansion.

Contrary to what most people think, network storage is not another kind of storing device. Even though it stores data in a different place other than the hard drive on your computer, it is not like an external hard drive. There are many advantages of Network Attached Storage devices and below are some of the reasons why this storage device is important:

1. Clears server hard disc space: NAS device contains large files that could have occupied your hard drives space but instead leaves you with plenty of room on your PC. The less data on the hard drive, the more your computer will run efficiently.

2. Easy set up: NAS set-up enables you to save upkeep expenses for your computer because of how easy it is to set up.

3. Allows data sharing between several computers: data is easily shared among several computers.

4. Fast data access: fast access of data increases productivity. With NAS, you are assured of fast access because the amount of errors in shared devices is less than that in storage device only.

5. Uses RAID: Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) gives you several ways to access or enter data in your server. It also makes hard drive data recovery much more efficient.

Network Attached Storage technology should be considered by all business owners so they can smoothly run their business. NAS enables you to maintain smooth business operations which is important for both small and large companies.