Why does SMS can only send no more than 160 characters?

77-2801-1-PBShort message service (SMS) is a system where users can send short text messages between mobile phones. In the Latin alphabet, a message that can be sent is limited to the maximum of 160 characters including spaces. This limitation is the result of the SMS operating system itself. Instead of using the main system for telephone communication, SMS using a channel that is designed to send small packets of information between cell phones and cell towers.

This simple channel was chosen as the basis for SMS because it is simple and easy to be implemented. As known, the phone is supported by a network of towers that are responsible for transmitting the call. Cell towers continue to communicate with a compatible phone using a frequency called a control channel. The control channel is used to convey information about the location of mobile phones and towers, once used to manage calls. In contrast to the channel for voice calls, SMS requires only a small exchange of information. When the mobile phone network provider decides to provide the transmission of SMS services, then the system is easy to be implemented.

To set up an SMS service, which is required as the addition of Short Message Service Center to receive messages and forward them to the right tower at the right time. The system is designed by an organization called Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Previously, the GSM has analyzed the usual types of messages sent and concluded that the service is only sending 100 to 200 characters are still considered useful. Limited by hardware that only has a capacity of 140 bytes or 1120 bits; they devised a system that can encode characters with the size of 7 bits per character. This process produces a maximum transmission size of 160 characters. If needed, users can actually send the message by combining a group of SMS. However, the limit of the individual package would be reduced to 153 characters, because each packet must contain the metadata to indicate linkages with other messages.

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Technologies Used in a Football Match

football technologiesAre you a sports fan? Do you ever wonder where you favourite sports footballers from a number of different teams are today? Well we did so we took a look and found out what they have been up to after football some may even surprise you.

Paul Ince:

This Midfielder retired from playing in 2006. He went on to coach and manage which led him into a career managing Blackburn Rovers unfortunately he did not succeed in this position and was sacked after half a year. He then went on to manage Blackpool with his son Tom Ince for just over a year and was let go in 2014 after losing 9 out of 10 matches.

Andy Cole:

Andy is the second highest goal scored in the Premier League history with 188 goals scored, he retired from playing in 2008. He went on to coach and contribute in a number of football media shows on TV and Radio. His son Devante Cole is now following in his dads footsteps as a profession footballer playing for England and he is currently with Milton Keynes Dons FC.

Paul Scholes:

Scholes first retired from football after winning the 2010 – 2011 season with Manchester United. After retiring he came to realise he retired too soon and signed up for the remainder on the season which was announced in January 2012, he was doing so well he stayed on for another year. He retired again at the end of 2012 – 2013. In 2014 he was back in football assisting caretaker manager Ryan Giggs. He is currently employed as a pundit and analyst across football broadcasting networks and he is a writer for The Independent newspaper.

So we now know where these ex players are but how much do you know about current players and teams? Are you a football expert, do you like to place a bet on your team when they are playing? If so you can head over to Unibet who offer all kinds of betting opportunities and competitive odds on Football and other sports.

WhatsApp Status – As Unique As Your Fingerprint

WhatsApp StatusEver since the introduction of smart phones in the market, the world of communication has changed dramatically. Smart phones and smart devices brought with them a lot of free stuff to entertain ourselves and make our lives easy. By using a number of free chatting or instant messaging services, like Whatsapp, Skype, Tango and Viber, smart phone users can communicate with their loved ones, friends and family members free of cost. Share files, pictures and videos as well as other documents via the net through these free instance messaging platforms.

Ever since the acquisition of Whatsapp free instant messaging platform by the Facebook – the social media giant, it has gained tremendous popularity and the numbers of people using this free instant messaging service has soared dramatically. It is estimated that currently more than 700 million users enjoy the free services offered by Whatsapp and the numbers are growing every minute. Whatsapp is widely popular in india with its features like status updates has gained tremendous popularity, you can literally find thousands of updates from sites like Whatsapp status geek, which offers them without any subscription costs. Just simply select a status update, copy it and paste it in your whatsapp.

The huge popularity that Whatsapp enjoys worldwide is not a mere luck, there are so many great things about this wonderful instant messaging service that make the number one in the world. Some great features like locking your Whatsapp app with a password, sending and receiving file in so many formats such as pdf, zip, and apk, ability to recover deleted conversations, ability to download and use it in your personal computer or laptop, ability to crate shortcuts for important contacts, ability to download videos and pictures, ability to show/hide your profile picture and ability to use different Whatsapp status, is what makes it the most widely used instant messaging app around the globe. The app has recently launched whatsapp calling feature where you can call your friends and relative 100% free of cost. That featured had further increased the app’s popularity.

One great feature that almost all the Whatsapp users like and enjoy is the ability to change the Whatsapp status as and when they require. Millions of users express themselves through these status quotes or statements. It is not very hard to change your status on your Whatsapp account, simple select the statement you want posted on your status bar and upload it to express your true self to the world. You can get a customized status quote if you like or use any one of the thousands of ready made Whatsapp status statements readily available on the net.

Mark Zuckerberg made the right move by acquiring this great instant messaging service provider as he is going to reap the benefits of Whatsapp for time unforeseen.


Recover lost data in your system via command prompt

recover the dataLosing the data in the personal devices is a problem that most of the people faces. This is mainly because they forget to have backup files for the important data. Since all the business people saves important data related to businesses in the personal devices such as laptops and personal computers, they have to keep backup files for those important files. If they forget to have backups for those files, they will face a big problem if those data get lost due to some error in the devices. One of the ways for people to retrieve all the files that have lost is using the command prompt. In windows OS, dos command prompt acts as an interface that let the user to give commands for performing certain actions. Prior to the introduction of graphical user interface, command prompt is the only way for them to delete the files.

Even though the data and files are deleted using the command prompt, the files are not deleted permanently from the hard drive. This actually remains in the original location on hard drive. There are software solutions that can retrieve all the files that are deleted from the device using the command prompt. People can search for such software tools in the web to recover the data. They can buy the file recovery software for either mac or windows operating systems. Some o the precautions that people must follow while deleting the data are as follows. People must be careful when they delete any files using the command prompt since they cannot restore it back from recycle bin. They should make sure they have a backup copy before deleting it. They should not use the device for saving new data after they have realized that some of their data have lost. Saving new data will overwrite the old data.

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How smart watches are innovative timepieces with the mobile technology

Advanced technologyIn this modern world, everyone has to use advanced gadgets with the advanced technology. Today, many ones show their modernism by wearing the smart watches. A smart watch is a wonderful design of innovative timepiece to coordinate with the smart phone using the Bluetooth technology. This new innovative design of timepiece along with the mobile technology is very helpful to make sure that the mobile users never miss a call at anytime. The smart watches will notify all call history of the users and tell them who is calling. With the help of the smart watch, the smart mobile users no need to drag their phone out of their pocket. They can unconnectedly check their watch to attend the call. Most of the smart watches are running with the android powered smart phone. Similarly, there are many numbers of specialized smart watches available for BlackBerry or Apple smart mobile devices.

Generally, this smart phone is an intelligent product that focusing on the fashion factor. Many younger men and women would prefer wearing smart watches with the advanced mobile technology. For using this smart watch technology, the smartphone users must need to pair their watch device with the smart mobile through the Bluetooth technology. After pairing mobile with the smart watch, the people can access their mobile from their watch. They are definitely unique and helpful timepieces especially for the business persons. Almost all the smart watch prices are easily acceptable by the buyers with its excellent functionality. If the smart phone users are searching on the internet gadgets site, they can get so many numbers of top branded smart watches with the great choice. Most smart watches are having classic analog movement of timepiece along with the mobile display features.  Many of the recent smart watches are coming with the smart display to access all mobile features in a perfect way.

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