How to make money through social networking platforms?

YoutubeWebsites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been ruling the social networking platform arena for a long time. After all, these are behemoths at their own capacity, and have been able to provide excellent features that enable people to remain hooked to their website. On an average, 60% of the Internet traffic is diverted towards the social networking platforms, which is saying a lot about how people find user generated content to be the ultimate source of entertainment and information.

For example, people tend to visit YouTube in order to get information about new products and also have a certain amount of entertainment thrown their way. As an Internet marketer, you could create a video about a product, buy cheap youtube views and witness the noticeable increase in rankings of your video. After it starts ranking for a certain keyword, most notably the product, real people would visit the video. This will transform into sales, and you would start making a steady stream of income from the YouTube platform. This is the best thing could happen to an Internet marketer making use of the YouTube platform to make money.

The same holds true for Instagram. While this website is primarily based upon sharing posts that have pictures, but you still need a certain amount of likes in order to get the attention of people in your demographic. So, you can purchase cheap Instagram likes from reputed services, and get the best possible exposure to your post. Sooner or later, there are going to be real people sharing your post, and providing it with the kind of exposure that is necessary for the product to garner sales. After a while, the post will be getting organic traffic, and you would find the flow of revenue coming in without any extra work done to it.


What are 0345 Numbers

0345-numbersIn 2007 Ofcom introduced a brand new UK-Wide Geographic Number (NGN) range starting with ’03’. Following years of pressure to tighten up controls and regulations on premium rate numbers like 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871, the new 03 prefix was introduced as a caller friendly alternative. To search for the 03 alternative to 08xx phone numbers check Smart Caller and start saving on your phone bill.

0345 Numbers are by far the most popular prefix in the 03 range with over 70,000 numbers currently in use. The 0345 phone number prefix is intended to be a direct replacement for the popular 0845 number range and many businesses are choosing them due to the simplified call charges and increased trust in the numbers. Having a UK Wide Geographic 0345 number also gives businesses more flexibility in how they manage calls coming into the business as they can be re-routed to other phone numbers anywhere in the country (or even somewhere else in the world) without the customer realizing. The other main advantage of a 0345 number is that nation-wide businesses can advertise a single hone number which isn’t tied into a specific town or city meaning there is no obvious way to tell where about in the UK the business is being operated from.

When you call a 0345 number by law the call must be charged at exactly the same rate as regular geographic phone numbers (ie. those starting with 01 or 02). On top of this, if your landline or mobile phone deal has ‘free minutes’ (or bundled minutes) or any other discount scheme that applies to landline numbers, then these must also be included for 0345 numbers. If this is the case then calls to 0345 numbers are essentially free and you will not pay any extra charge for calling them.

If you don’t have a free minutes allowance then you will be charged exactly the same as if you called a 01 or 02 number. Depending on your landline phone provider and contract, phone calls to 01 or 02 numbers can cost anything from 1ppm up to around 9ppm. Mobile call charges to landlines are typically a little higher and again vary by network but these can cost anything from 3ppm up to around 40ppm.

The 03 range is made up of the following prefixes which are currently in circulation
• 0300
• 0302
• 0303
• 0306
• 0330
• 0331
• 0332
• 0333
• 0343
• 0344
• 0345
• 0370
• 0371
• 0372

By law all ‘0345 numbers’ must be charged the same, regardless of what digits follow the 0345 xxx xxx. Some of the most popular suffixes are 03450 numbers, 03455 numbers, 03458 numbers and 03459.


How to increase your Instagram’s popularity instantly

Instagram popularityInstagram is a medium for us to share photos. Instagram is one of the applications that are popular today. Instagram is one of the personalizations of what you experience through photos. Instagram can be used as a marketing medium. You can share your product photos to a variety of people from all over the world, ranging from family, friends, to people who previously did not know you. The effectiveness of which is owned by Instagram attracts many sellers to market their various products by using this application.

A follower Instagram is very meaningful to you. A follower is a person who follows the various photos you share. They’ll see any updates the photos you share. They will see each ad product that you show. For some people, obtaining thousands of followers is very difficult. You cannot get thousands followers in a short time, unless you are a very popular guy or using special way. We will discuss about the special way you can do to increase your Instagram’s popularity instantly.

The specific way that we’re now talking about is buying Instagram followers. You can buy Instagram followers as much as you want. There are various provision services of Instagram followers on the Internet. You may also need the likes, because the Instagram like is an indication of a product preferred by someone.

To get thousands of likes, you can use the same way as what you do to get thousands of Instagram followers. You simply buy buy Instagram likes from various provision services of Instagram likes widely available on the Internet. You will gain instant popularity that can increase your sales. Take advantage of a variety of social media to support your business and do any tricks that maybe you can do to optimize your Instagram. Good luck and do it carefully.


Bluboo X550: Affordable Smartphone with Very Big Battery Capacity!

Bluboo X550Smartphone is now becoming an integral part of the life of mankind. Of course, smartphone users really want a big battery so they don’t need to recharge the battery frequently. Well, one new product is now coming! The Bluboo X550! This smartphone has a battery capacity of 5,300 mAh. Besides having a large-capacity battery, Bluboo X550 has also energy-saving mode in order to be more efficient in battery consumption.

Yes, the Hong Kong’s smartphone is offering the same battery capacity as Philips W6618. This phone is armed by MediaTek MT6735 chipset 64-bit quad-core. In addition, this smartphone has been supported by the 4G LTE connectivity. As we have seen, 4G networks are specifically created to provide very fast data transfer speeds. This network is intended to provide stable data flow at any condition. 4G is able to deliver a minimum data transfer speed of 100 megabits per second when the users are moving at high speeds (such as when they are in the car or train), and at one gigabit per second in a standstill. Are you curious? 4G smart phones can be found on

One thing that is interesting is Bluboo X550 has a thinner bezel than most other smartphones. Thin bezel is one of the characteristics of the most upscale or high-end smartphones. On the other hand, this phone also offers a 5.5-inch screen size with a panel OGS (One Glass Solution) HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, and -267 ppi pixel density displaying very clear and sharp pictures. Bluboo X550 is sold by its manufacturer, Shenzhen Huihua Exploit Technology Co via Gearbest at a bargain price of only USD 149.99. The price is quite interesting and still fairly competitive considering the highlight on the battery capacity. You can find this cellphone on Gearbest with free shipping.


Why does SMS can only send no more than 160 characters?

77-2801-1-PBShort message service (SMS) is a system where users can send short text messages between mobile phones. In the Latin alphabet, a message that can be sent is limited to the maximum of 160 characters including spaces. This limitation is the result of the SMS operating system itself. Instead of using the main system for telephone communication, SMS using a channel that is designed to send small packets of information between cell phones and cell towers.

This simple channel was chosen as the basis for SMS because it is simple and easy to be implemented. As known, the phone is supported by a network of towers that are responsible for transmitting the call. Cell towers continue to communicate with a compatible phone using a frequency called a control channel. The control channel is used to convey information about the location of mobile phones and towers, once used to manage calls. In contrast to the channel for voice calls, SMS requires only a small exchange of information. When the mobile phone network provider decides to provide the transmission of SMS services, then the system is easy to be implemented.

To set up an SMS service, which is required as the addition of Short Message Service Center to receive messages and forward them to the right tower at the right time. The system is designed by an organization called Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Previously, the GSM has analyzed the usual types of messages sent and concluded that the service is only sending 100 to 200 characters are still considered useful. Limited by hardware that only has a capacity of 140 bytes or 1120 bits; they devised a system that can encode characters with the size of 7 bits per character. This process produces a maximum transmission size of 160 characters. If needed, users can actually send the message by combining a group of SMS. However, the limit of the individual package would be reduced to 153 characters, because each packet must contain the metadata to indicate linkages with other messages.

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