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How Is Keek Different From The Social Networking Sites?

Social Networking sites have far reaching effects these days. Though they were mainly designed for youngsters who could keep in touch with their friends and make new friends without spending a penny on phone calls and costly dates, they are now much more than just that. Social networking sites help people to share their lives, showcase their talent, connect with like-minded people and also endorse and promote their brands. It is not without reason that these kinds of sites are on the rise and almost everyone is a part of more than one social networking site. These networking sites are unique yet similar in their own ways.

Then what is it that makes Keek, the brand new social networking site, different from the existing ones? Keek was designed and launched with the objective that it will be exclusively dedicated to video updates. This means that users can only upload short videos as their status updates. These videos can be anything, from sad to hilarious, from Do-It-Yourself videos to ones where you showcase your talent. Those who upload interesting videos will find a large number of people following them and this will increase their popularity. You can choose who to share your videos with, friends or with the public or with friends of friends.

Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner joined the new social network where she uploads videos about her life, about her likes, dislikes, happy time with friends and expert advices on some topics. You can follow anyone you want on Keek to get regular updates from them. The more fun the videos, the more you enjoy watching them. Recently, Kendall Jenner’s birthday videos were uploaded on Keek by Kendall herself and this allowed her fans to get a sneak-peek into her choice of celebration and on how much she loves to party!

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