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Recover lost data in your system via command prompt

recover the dataLosing the data in the personal devices is a problem that most of the people faces. This is mainly because they forget to have backup files for the important data. Since all the business people saves important data related to businesses in the personal devices such as laptops and personal computers, they have to keep backup files for those important files. If they forget to have backups for those files, they will face a big problem if those data get lost due to some error in the devices. One of the ways for people to retrieve all the files that have lost is using the command prompt. In windows OS, dos command prompt acts as an interface that let the user to give commands for performing certain actions. Prior to the introduction of graphical user interface, command prompt is the only way for them to delete the files.

Even though the data and files are deleted using the command prompt, the files are not deleted permanently from the hard drive. This actually remains in the original location on hard drive. There are software solutions that can retrieve all the files that are deleted from the device using the command prompt. People can search for such software tools in the web to recover the data. They can buy the file recovery software for either mac or windows operating systems. Some o the precautions that people must follow while deleting the data are as follows. People must be careful when they delete any files using the command prompt since they cannot restore it back from recycle bin. They should make sure they have a backup copy before deleting it. They should not use the device for saving new data after they have realized that some of their data have lost. Saving new data will overwrite the old data.

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