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Useful Cell Phone apps

Cell Phone appsCell Phones have become a necessity with the increase of smartphones. Children have the best smartphone in their hand as it has also become a fashionable accessory where the parents can easily locate their children. The device can also turn dangerous in the sense that many people misuse it.

There are many apps which are installed in your phones from beforehand and many which can be downloaded. The advantage of keeping useful apps is that the exact whereabouts of the person is known to you, false or unknown number comes in your notice immediately and you do not have to go elsewhere to locate the number. With so many apps spy app has also come up. Both on android and OS the apps are fantastic. Some of the useful apps include- Truecaller, Rail Enquiry, Google Maps and several others. For checking status of tickets, booking tickets, flight tickets, finding a location, tracing numbers you have it all in your cell phone. The apps work when there is internet connection. There is another very useful app is the spy app which is for those who d o not trust people and want to check out their status and misdemeanor. Some of the apps give you spontaneous information.

You can easily install the software which comes free most of the time. There is something called airdroid by which all your important documents and files of the computer can be opened by your mobile and vice versa. So even if you forget to get your business schedule or presentation you can access it from your mobile phones. There are plenty of good stuff and there are bad stuffs too which in all cases should be avoided. Cell phones today offer a lot in terms of its usefulness apart from connecting people together miles away. To know more about cell phone apps you can visit


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