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Most Awaited Smartphones Of The Year

images (13)Every year we get some new inclusions in the list of cell phones. Top manufacturers to beginners, all try to provide something new to capture the industry and make their own position. This is something predicted with the increasing reputation of these extremely useful devices. 2014 is no exemption with gossips, rumors, leaks, and other up-dates on future cell phones in 2014. Here you will find such three most anticipated cell phones that have designed enough buzz on the globe of cellphone customers.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple is on its way to give lots of competition to other leaders like LG and Samsung. iPhone 6 can be taken as an advancement of Apple to give its customers more improved and simple to use products. With latest and leaks, it can be said that by design iPhone 6 will be near to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. However, it is also believed by some professionals that this future iPhone 6 will be an iPod like iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 930 
To maintain its supremacy, Nokia is stated to provide its next Lumia phone by means of Nokia Lumia 930. This device is believed to demonstrate an international style of its Lumia icon. This future Lumia is already announced to the globe at build 2014, and so you may be conscious of some of its functions and requirements.

HTC One mini 2
HTC, another top name in the market, is predicted to release its new phone soon. Though no statement of its overall look has been done yet by the organization, but gossips talk that HTC is going to substitute its HTC One mini by HTC One mini 2. The device is stated to come with some niceties including rear Duo cam and 4.5″ display that will provide 720p resolution.


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