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Bluboo X550: Affordable Smartphone with Very Big Battery Capacity!

Bluboo X550Smartphone is now becoming an integral part of the life of mankind. Of course, smartphone users really want a big battery so they don’t need to recharge the battery frequently. Well, one new product is now coming! The Bluboo X550! This smartphone has a battery capacity of 5,300 mAh. Besides having a large-capacity battery, Bluboo X550 has also energy-saving mode in order to be more efficient in battery consumption.

Yes, the Hong Kong’s smartphone is offering the same battery capacity as Philips W6618. This phone is armed by MediaTek MT6735 chipset 64-bit quad-core. In addition, this smartphone has been supported by the 4G LTE connectivity. As we have seen, 4G networks are specifically created to provide very fast data transfer speeds. This network is intended to provide stable data flow at any condition. 4G is able to deliver a minimum data transfer speed of 100 megabits per second when the users are moving at high speeds (such as when they are in the car or train), and at one gigabit per second in a standstill. Are you curious? 4G smart phones can be found on

One thing that is interesting is Bluboo X550 has a thinner bezel than most other smartphones. Thin bezel is one of the characteristics of the most upscale or high-end smartphones. On the other hand, this phone also offers a 5.5-inch screen size with a panel OGS (One Glass Solution) HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, and -267 ppi pixel density displaying very clear and sharp pictures. Bluboo X550 is sold by its manufacturer, Shenzhen Huihua Exploit Technology Co via Gearbest at a bargain price of only USD 149.99. The price is quite interesting and still fairly competitive considering the highlight on the battery capacity. You can find this cellphone on Gearbest with free shipping.


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