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iPhone 5 extended battery – Makes iPhone 5 Power efficient

The iPhone 5 extended battery case launched by UNM is extremely useful for the people who often face the problem of having low battery of the phone when they need it the most.
Having a good battery backup is very important for every phone because most of the people don’t find time to charge their phone again and again from their hectic schedule.
The iPhone 5 extended battery case provides unlimited power to the battery of the iPhone saving the users from the problem of low battery. The 2500mAh lithium polymer battery has the capability of doubling the power of the iPhone 5. This battery has been recognized as one of the most long lasting and efficient batteries which have been produced in the industry till now.
Talking about reliability, this battery case has undergone several scrutinizing tests ensuring a peace of mind to the users by freeing them from the worry of the battery of their iPhone 5 being drained out. They have been tested, approved and certified by ROHS, CE and FCC giving a whole new dimension to safety and reliability.
In addition, they offer unmatched style, giving an elegant look to the iPhone. They come in a variety of pretty colours like Pink, blue, white, black, purple and leaf-yellow allowing the users to select the one which suits them the most. They can even make a complete collection of battery cases in different colours using them alternatively.
The eco friendly lithium battery can be swapped between all Ecopak products which saves the users from buying new batteries each time they thing of upgrading their phone. This battery case not only contributes in the betterment of the environment but also helps in cutting down the extra costs and waste.

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