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WhatsApp Status – As Unique As Your Fingerprint

Ever since the introduction of smart phones in the market, the world of communication has changed dramatically. Smart phones and smart devices brought with them a lot of free stuff to entertain ourselves and make our lives easy. By using a number of free chatting or instant messaging services, like Whatsapp, Skype, Tango and Viber, […]


Wireless Speakers For Today’s World

Wireless speaker technology is like a FM radio wave that can go through walls making them very suitable for the house and also very easy to use. It makes cables seem so complicated to use because they do cause mess and poor organization behind your audio equipment. There are certain restrictions to using wireless technology which can […]

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Global communication trends that you’d be crazy for in 2014

What is the future of communication in the present century? As we see it, the major trends in communication are equally balanced between the emotional: loss of trust, periods of crisis, the desire and urge for personalised communication, the drive towards the rational and transparency. With the advancement of technology and web, global communication trends […]


Network Attached Storage Devices at a glance

Did you know that info materials and other word records don’t really occupy storage space? With Network Attached Storage (NAS), info materials and other word records can be directly stored in a connected network. This is a fundamental improvement in file allocation technology. In this set-up, files are easily shared or accessed. Furthermore, in NAS, […]


Android Watch Phone

For many of us, the best wearable device should be one that suits in perfectly and has a variety of useful functions. True, the Google glass is one of the best wearable gadgets ever created. The Google glass is useful and you can use it like a spectacle and do quite a variety of awesome […]